Quin, suffering from total amnesia, slowly discovers himself possessed of inexplicable abilities as his world expands...

Quin's Abduction



01. The Alliances
02. The Frozen Revenant
03. Power Trip
04. The Custodians
05. The Search For Quad
06. Realpolitik
07. Halley's Disclosure
08. The Race For Quad
09. Quin's Baptism
10. Apollo's Phoenix

QUIN'S EVOLUTION (Book 2) update: 28-07-2018.

Yes, I know! I keep missing my own deadline for book 2. What can I say except that finishing it to the standard I want is proving extremely challenging for me. I really would rather break my deadline promises than release something that's not as good as I can make it - and with self publishing, I'm unfortunately my own boss! Also, I have had to dedicate almost all of my time in recent weeks and months to bread-and-butter, bill-paying work. Being self-employed, you have to make hay while the sun shines (i.e. when it comes your way).

Happily I now have a nearly-open sched for the next few weeks of summer and it's finally full speed ahead. I'm working on it, folks!

No more concrete predictions for when it's finished - I've already done that too many times - but will keep posting progress. Watch this space!