Quin, suffering from total amnesia, slowly discovers himself possessed of inexplicable abilities as his world expands...

Quin's Abduction


Some praise from readers of Quin's Abduction:

  • "WOW! Who are you..... Very well written, would indeed make a great movie. Hanging out for February. Thank you." J.W.

  • "I read your story about Quin and I found it very deep and moving. Thank you for sharing it here. I hope you can do the next part. It struck me that it would make for an intriguing movie." – M. R.

  • "Just got to the end of part one. This is very well written ! I have read a lot of books and I mean a LOT...I am very impressed. Wonderfully written my friend" – R. R.

  • "This is a very well written story. How do I get to the last chapter?" – L. G. W.

  • Just finished reading the book. Loved it! - S.F.

  • I just cant wait to see what happens next. I told him write more stories, lol – M. E.